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Sommelier­ Union Deutschland e.V.

an active, independent association. We represent the interests of Sommeliers and offer training.

The Passionate Sommelier

The Sommelier-Union is a networked organization with over 1,000 members. We are Germany’s only independent association representing the interests of Sommeliers and presenting the professional expertise of our industry – all that with pure passion.

Since our founding in 1976, we have been promoting the professional exchange of Sommeliers – nationally and internationally within our world-renowned community. We train our members continuously at the Sommelier College, the national team and at regional events.

Enjoying. Understanding. Experiencing.

The Sommelier-Union is the platform to meet wine experts, exchange knowledge and experience gustatory pleasure. Here, you will meet professionals from the catering industry with an excellent nose and a love for enjoyment. Prepare to awaken all your senses! We share the passion to turn a glass of wine into an experience.

Curious. Open. Forward-Thinking.

The wine industry is conservative or averse to innovation? Could be. We throw this conventional thinking overboard and instead lay down the foundation with real passion – no matter how old you are! We are Sommeliers and promote the culture of eating and drinking – not only for ourselves, but also for our caterers, guests and clients.

Discover new wine and beverage trends and expand your professional network.

Engaged and supported by a common idea, we maintain our competence network and encourage young talent. We are always open to new ideas and are looking forward to welcoming you!

True friendships develop from these encounters. That’s the only way to fully enjoy the experience!

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Become a member of the Sommelier-Union. We offer a challenging mix of academic professionalism and entertainment. Whether you are fresh on the job, in training or already a recognized professional, we have something to offer to everyone.

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Sommelier Union Deutschland e.V.
Sommelier Union Deutschland e.V.
Sommelier Union Deutschland e.V.
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Sommelier Union Deutschland e.V.
Sommelier Union Deutschland e.V.
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Sommelier Union Deutschland e.V.


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