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Header Apero 2020 EN_CANCELED

Due to the postponement of ProWein to 2021, the Sommelier Apéro will of course not take place in 2020.

Since the hall concept for 2021 is changing, we are currently unable to say where the aperitif will be held at the exhibition grounds.

The Relaxed Hangout on the Evening of the ProWein Monday

It’s always the same: every time you want to leave the trade fair in the evening, the tram is jam-packed with people; and waiting in line to catch a taxi seems to take forever. 

All you actually want, however, is to sit down, have a glass of wine, chat with colleagues, friends or clients and maybe even have a snack. And network.

From 6 pm onwards, visitors are welcome. Come and relax with a glass of wine from Austria. From the vinophile area, Prosecco cocktails and wines from “Maxime Herkunft Rheinhessen” are also being served.

If you are looking for something else than wine, you can look forward to a large selection of sake and shochu, which will be presented directly by the manufacturers. Braufactum delights the guests with finest craft beers. Non-alcoholic drinks will also be provided with refreshing water from Selters.


Marc Almert – reigning ASI Sommelier World Champion – will celebrate his one-year anniversary of winning the title during the evening. Be curious to see how he will do this.

Small snacks will be offered on the tables, ready to be eaten with relish. Those with a larger appetite can get something at the food trucks, who sell their goodies in the hall.

And in the background a DJ will be playing cool lounge music.

Shuttle buses to the city centre of Düsseldorf and the subway will be departing from nearby entrance North until the end of the Apéro.

>> Tickets <<

Due to the postponement of ProWein to 2021, we have stopped advance sales.
Tickets already purchased can be cancelled at Xing events.

Cost per ticket in pre sale is 7 €. If you order more than 10 tickets, price per ticket is only 6 €.


Evening ticket office

At the door in the evening 10 € per ticket is charged, so it is worth buying tickets in advance here or during the event at the ProWein stand of the Sommelier-Union (Hall 14 / E20 in the VDP area).


We thank the sponsors who wanted to support us in 2020!

This was the Sommelier-Apéro 2019

Photographer: Simon Büttner