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About us

About us

Networking with Delight and All Your Senses

Who We Are

The Sommelier-Union Deutschland e.V. is the leading trade association of Sommeliers and a closely linked network of experienced professionals and young trainees from the restaurant, hotel and the wine industries. We represent the German Sommeliers at an international level of the Association de la Sommellerie Internationale (A.S.I.).

Since our founding in 1976, we have built an information platform for wine experts and provided the opportunity for an exchange of experience and have offered training programs for professionals. We are an independent group committed to a community of common interest.

The Sommelier-Union is a strong association with strong members – only in common dialogue can we move the food & drink culture forward.

What We Do

The Sommelier-Union is a professional forum for the interests and education of wine and beverage professionals in Germany. The Sommelier profession is a matter of the heart for its founders and all its members.

Our goal is to address professional wine lovers, promote professional qualifications and to successfully position the complex profession of the Sommelier in Germany. We inform our members regularly about current developments and trends in the hospitality industry.


We are strongly committed to the promotion of young talent – among others, but also with your own Sommelier College. The college awards a 3-year scholarship for 20 talents. The lecturers of our master classes are of renowned international status. Participants also go on wine tours around the world.

We also brought the National Team of Sommeliers to life. Under the guidance of experienced trainers, we prepare our members to represent Germany at international competitions.

The Sommelier-Union organises high profile events, wine tastings and international wine tours to exchange expertise. We work with top producers from Germany and abroad, Bordeaux and Burgundy, the Rhône Valley, top wine regions in Spain and Portugal, Austria and Italy. We also have contacts with top winemakers from overseas.

“Die Sommelier-Union im Bild”

An image video about what we do (in German).

Every two years, we organise the Sommelier-Trophy, the only Sommelier competition in Germany on an international level.

We not only promote the viticultural landscape of our own region but also tourism by informing interested people of the particular resources. The Sommelier-Union is valued as an independent counselor for viticulture associations, the VDP, ProWein as well as our partners and sponsors.

Does that sound interesting? Then join our network of wine and beverage experts. We are looking forward to welcoming you!


  • 1976: Foundation of the Sommelier-Union by Kurt Fischer, who also is the first Präsident of the association.
  • 1990: Karl Koniarski becomes president of the Sommelier-Union
  • 1996: Bernd Glauben becomes Präsident of the association
  • 1999: first wine-party organized by the Sommelier-Union on the occasion of the ProWein
  • 2001: The talent promotion „Sommelier College“ is started
  • 2011: Premiere of the competition „Sommelier-Trophy“
  • 2016: On its 40th anniversary, the association has over 1,000 members
  • 2017: Peer F. Holm becomes president of the Sommelier-Union
  • 2018: start of the “Sommeier-Apéro” on the occaision of the ProWein instead of the former wine party
  • 2018: Premiere of the “Sommelier Campus” as educational and networking event in connection with the annual general meeting